the piglet

About Me

I’m a food writer, food lover, father, hunter and husband. I’m blessed to live, eat, hunt and write in the heart of wine country in Northern California (Sonoma County). Inspiration is never far away. And as a foodie (and Marketing Director by day), this place I call home, is a little slice of paradise. I write to hopefully inspire, to share the joy of cooking and eating together and to chronicle my time in the kitchen with my sons.

From an early age, I was taught the joy of dining together and sharing family meals. The way food brings people closer together, and its power to overcome cultural and social boundaries, has become even more important to me.  In this day and age of digital interactions, the process of connecting with real people over a meal is something that can’t be done via social media or through a tweet. There is beauty in looking at a table filled with friends, loved ones and incredible food. Those people, the stories they tell and the food we share are my inspiration. And hopefully, it might inspire others to turn down “the noise” in their lives and truly share a meal (and all the joy that goes with it).

The Pig and Piglet

The Pig and Piglet

Why I’m Back?

After almost a three year hiatus of not just blogging, but social media entirely, someone asked me why I bothered to get back into writing. It was a valid question since my first try at it was a sad, semi-self absorbed attempt at saying to the world “look, I don’t suck at cooking.” And in the end, no one cared and I eventually stopped caring. After three years of digital solitude, I felt like it was time to give it another shot.

This time around though, the motivation was completely different. By now, my son was two years old and I realized one of my favorite things in life was to cook with him and feed him. It may sound simplistic, but that is why I’m doing this again. It’s my way of chronicling not just the food I love to eat, but it’s my diary of watching him grow up. Here he can see the food that’s nourished him and the food he’s helped me cook.

It’s his story as much as mine. So while I will have recipes, restaurant and travel reviews and other cooking related stories, the real reason for it all is him. Who for the sake of privacy, will be known as my little Piglet. And so when I’m gone, he can look back and see a period of his life, in the kitchen with dad, memories immortalized online and in photos, and remember the joys of cooking… and being an Epicurean.

My writing isn’t necessarily about the food per se, but the stories, memories and dreams that are created through food and sharing meals with those you love. Connecting with people is one of the greatest endeavors in life. And food is one of the last, great bridges to building relationships and a developing deeper connections with people. It’s a bridge worth crossing.